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How To Cut Up A Mango

However you cut it a ripe mango, it is delicious.  Mango season is officially from May through September.  However I see them in the stores all year long.  I’ve noticed that they are less pricey and usually riper during the official Mango season.  This simple tutorial will have you slicing and dicing mangoes like a pro.  So follow along. 

SIS (simple is smart) Way To Cut-up A Mango

How to Tell if a Mango is Ripe. A ripe mango usually has a yellow color to the skin and will give slightly when gently squeezed. The blossom end will have a fruity aroma. 

Cut the Mango Away From The Pit.  The mango has a disc-shaped pit that can vary in width. Cut the mango away from the pit. Grasp the mango by the blossom and the stem end. Cut straight down until you strike the pit. Angle the knife slightly away from the pit. Cut around the pit to the other side of the mango. Repeat for the other half of the mango.

diced mango

Dice the Mango

Once the pit is removed, it is time to score the mango into a grid pattern.  Carefully cut through the flesh of the mango until you reach the skin.  Don’t cut through the outer skin.  

How to dice a Mango
How to cut up a mango

Remove the Mango from the skin:

When the mango half is scored into a grid pattern, invert the whole half until it “pops” inside out.  It looks kind of like a porcupine.  Cut the mango into small square pieces as demonstrated in the video.  

How to cut up a mango

Continue cutting into small square pieces until you are down to the skin of the mango.  Discard the skin after cutting off the mango flesh.  

Your beautiful mango squares are now ready to use, eat, and enjoy.  Add them to a smoothie, or my tropical salsa for a taste of the islands treat. 

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