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Marsala and Pizza: Guardians of my gardens.

I want to introduce you to the beloved guardians of my gardens:  Marsala and Pizza! Marsala is the guardian on the left.  My daughter named Marsala in honor of one of her favorite foods, chicken marsala.  Pizza is the guardian on the right.  My granddaughter named him.  She saw that giant rooster and exclaimed, “Pizza!”  So Pizza it is!   Marsala guards the front gardens and Pizza the back gardens.  Fred’s nickname for Pizza is Velocirooster. When they came to live with me, they had no color.  I promptly got out my cans of spray paint, and in no time at all, they were a pair of handsome roosters, ready to strut their stuff.   However, Pizza is looking like he could use a little touch-up soon. 

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Garden Art and beauty comes in many forms; a newly opened flower, a giant beefsteak tomato, a tree bursting with blossoms or a piece of art that I’ve created.  The rooster weather vane was transformed into a fun piece of garden art by cans of spray paint. 

Mr. Toad: checking out the local real estate
He likes it and moves right on in. Welcome to Toad Hall, Mr. Toad

Art and beauty can be created by re-purposing the natural elements of your garden.  I take these elements and see a new or unique way to display them.  I love the twoperson chair Fred created for me when he cut down a tree to give my gardens more sun.  I created Toad Hall from a hollow tree limb and a slice of a tree stump that I stained and painted with a frog.  I am delighted to see a toad has taken up residence in Toad Hall. 

The art I create for my gardens is beautiful; however,  beauty created by mother nature, is impossible to surpass.

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of the art in my gardens.  I had so much fun introducing you to Pizza and Marsala.  I loved taking you with me in welcoming Mr. Toad to Toad Hall. 

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  1. Anonymous

    Love your garden art! The bench is very cool!

    1. Doctor Jo

      Thanks, it was fun to make.

    2. Doctor Jo

      I love that bench also. I have another smaller one person tree chair also.

  2. Anonymous

    Great photos and tutorials!!!

    1. Doctor Jo


  3. Anonymous

    Love your gardens and art within!
    So inviting and beautiful

    1. Doctor Jo

      Thanks so glad you are enjoying my blog. Lots of great pictures and information still to come.

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