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How to Grow Microgreens

How to Grow Microgreens: Eating microgreens is like taking a daily multi-vitamin in salad form.  Microgreens are packed with nutrition and have up to 40 times more nutrients by weight than their fully-grown counterparts.   What are all those excellent nutrients that are packed into such a tiny leaf?  

Lots of vitamins:   vitamins  A, B, C and K

Minerals:  manganese and folate to name a few

Polyphenols: Say what?  These are potent antioxidants important in preventing heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease. 

A study that looked at benefits gained from microgreens. showed microgreens help reduce weight gain and decrease bad or LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.  

Are you convinced yet that microgreens are right for you?  Ok,  I’ll get off my doctor’s soapbox and just tell you how you can grow them.

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Supplies for How to Grow Microgreens:

1.  Seeds:  I purchase a pkg of seeds that have a variety of micro-greens.  I will buy a spicy mix and a mild mix and mix them together before I plant them.  This gives me about 10 different types of microgreens all in one growing container. 

2.  Seed starting trays:  I use two small trays with holes for drainage that fit into a larger tray without drainage holes.

3.  Organic potting mix:  you can obtain it from here.


Day 2
Day 4


1.  Fill the seed starting tray 2/3 full of moistened organic potting mix.

2.  Sprinkle the seed mix on top of the soil.  For a 12 by 12 container I use about a teaspoon of seeds. 

3.  Cover with about 1/4 inch or more potting mix. 

It is not necessary to put the trays in direct light.  A place on your countertop will work just fine.  The microgreen seeds will sprout in a few days and you will see tiny green shoots poking up through the soil.  After about a week your  living salad will be ready to cut and enjoy.

Cut the microgreens off just above the soil.  They should be about 2 to 2 1/2 inch tall.  Add them to avocado toast or mix into a salad with lettuce, sunflower and pea shoots.  They are delicious in a  sandwich or wrap.  YUM.  Remember you can grow microgreens year-round in your kitchen.  A great way to get lots of extra vitamins and minerals during the winter cold and flu season.  Want to keep your microgreens fresh for several weeks?  Now that you know How to Grow Microgreens, hop over to my blog on How to store your greens.

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