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Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

Breville Food Processor

Blendtec Blender

Breville Convection and air-fry oven

Food Dehydrator

Cuisinart Griddler

Cuisinart Ice Cram and Gelato Maker

Margaritaville Frozen Drink Maker

Hand Mixer Electric with Turbo Button

Amazon Smart Oven

Dutch Oven

WHY I LOVE THEM: Many of these small appliances are pricey.  However when I invest in a small appliance I look for one that is well built and will last me for years.  For example: my first Kitchenaid Mixer lasted me through 15 years of almost daily use.

INSTANT POT : This is a multifunction programmable cooker. It has is capable of performing multiple tasks. It is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, saute pot, yogurt maker, warmer, steamer, and rice cooker all in one pot. Practically speaking, I use it primarily as a pressure cooker. It makes the task of cooking meats, stews, legumes quick and simple. Instead of simmering a pot roast all day in a slow cooker or kettle, it is done in 90 minutes in the instant pot. I occasionally use it as a slow cooker or saute pot.
KITCHENAID MIXER: This is the workhorse of my kitchen. If you like to bake a stand mixer is a necessity. I recently upgraded to a pro model from this model because this model kept wearing out. Fred fixed it multiple times. Eventually, it gave up the ghost for good.
This makes quick work of chopping, dicing, slicing, mixing, blending, and pureeing. It comes with a small and large mixing bowl for when you only need a little bit. Its large bowl will let you make enough for a crowd. Cleanup is quick and simple.

BLENDTEC BLENDER:  This is a heavy duty blender. I love it for making nut butters and grinding grains and dried legumes into flours. It easily turns ice cubes and frozen fruit into smoothies, drinks, and desserts.

BREVILLE CONVECTION AND AIR-FRY OVEN: I love that this compact little oven that has a convection setting.  I use it instead of an air-fryer.  It works as well as the air-fryer and will hold more food.  It is also large enough to bake a 9 x 9 inch pan or a medium pizza.

NESCO FOOD DEHYDRATOR: This little food dehydrator is a real workhorse.  It can dehydrate 12 cups of cut up fruit or vegetables in about 12 hours.  Makes great fruit roll-ups and has a low heat setting for drying fresh herbs.  The BlendTec blender will grind the dried vegetable into powder that is delicious for creating dips, spreads, and soups. 

CUISINART GRIDDLER: This is one of my favorite small appliances.  It makes grilled sandwiches and panini better than a restaurant.  I use it for grilling vegetable,  cooking bacon, frying pancakes or eggs,  grilling meat when it is too cold or wet to go outside.  

 CUISINART ICE CREAM AND GELATO MAKER: I have the cuisinart ice cream maker that doesn’t have a compressor.  I’ve had several times where the ice cream didn’t freeze because the mix was too warm going into the freezer.  This one has a compressor to keep the bowl frozen.  If you like to make  ice cream, than I recommend getting this one with a compressor. 

MARGARITAVILLE FROZEN DRINK MAKER: This compact frozen drink maker is a must if you like to make frozen mixed drinks.  I use it for a Frozen Frappe every afternoon.  It also makes amazing frozen pina coladas, margaritas, and mojitos.